Savoring Summer

For some reason the end of this summer is making me mourn a bit more than usual. As an avid autumn fanatic, I don't typically mind waving good-bye to the heat of summer; however, this summer has not only been somewhat mild, but I have that yearning to remain in the calm of the no-work, no-school months. Maybe it's because I'm taking on a new teaching role, or maybe it's because my little man will be in a mother's morning-out program a couple mornings a week (both of which I am excited about), either way, we have been soaking up these last weeks, and I'm so thankful we don't start the madness of fall until the 18th of August.

Had a great time visiting with some of my best girls. Time and miles don't change a thing.

Dee Dee took us to the Aquarium for the first time. Silas was overjoyed to say the least.

Crazy amounts of learning happened with just some fish and water.

Silas didn't quite understand the glass concept though. He was nervous he'd fall into the water at first.

But then he realized that that was silly.

Where do you think I get my teaching skills from?

It is one of life's gifts to watch this sweet boy experience new things.

Silas can say "pool" now, and he was more fascinated with fish this time- go figure.

No cheating little man!

That's how it's done!