Life keeps moving

No matter what you're feeling, life keeps moving. Some might get a bit frustrated with that aspect of life and wish it could slow down to our mode of exercise (or lack thereof); I for one am utterly thankful that the sun continues to rise. I love that the days move ahead and a new season is blissfully on the horizon (my favorite one happens to be patiently waiting on the hill as I type). Thanks be to God that He keeps the world turning and continues to prepare a place for us at home. Ceasing to see hope means ceasing to see excitement. I'm so excited for what's ahead...whatever that may be for me.

When your little one sleeps an extra hour, why not make some espresso brownies!? And yes, eat them with a spoon.

We moved to the Roswell/Alpharetta area specifically because of "Touch a Truck Day." Why else?

Boys and their trucks. There's nothing sweeter.

Finally got something above our bed after three and a half years. And yes, I let Silas paint it.

I mean what else would I hang up on my wall?

Silas had his first week of "Parents Morning Out." He wasn't quite sure about carrying his own backpack though.

You're growing up too fast bud.

He toppled over 30 seconds after this. :)

Silas loved his new,  sweet friend Penny... can't wait for more play-dates!

First day of school outfit!
First blackmail picture outfit!

~Espresso Brownie Buster