Cicadas and Fireflies

Two things I love more than anything in the summer.... well except maybe a good berry crisp or some juicy watermelon... but two great joys are Cicadas and Fireflies.
After a year in our home, I still look around sometimes and think, wow. I can't believe I have a home to call my own. God is so good, and when we take time to purposely neglect the to-do list for better time being still, we see His handy work all around.
Nature is alive and well in our neck of the burbs, and as cicadas serenade throughout the morning, the crickets and fireflies light up the evenings. It truly looks like FernGully as we watch the magical twinkle lights dance through our backyard trees. Okay.... I'm getting a little poetic, but I just love it here. While we love to travel, there's just something about coming Home. Home together during a time when we all come together to wish our great country Happy Birthday and thank every man woman and child who has had their own hand in maintaining many freedoms we ignore daily.   Thank you for all you do! Thank you all.

The makings of a great July dinner

Alton Brown's individual berry cobbler became a daily dessert in the Smith household last week.
We got to have lunch with the Sibleys last week too- Carlos and Carla not only married us, but have always been those salt-of-the-earth folks we look up to and cherish.

Silas greeted his second time to the beach and first time in the sand with nothing but love.

He loved visiting Grandma in St. Simons.

I barely watched the fireworks on the 4th cause I wanted to watch this precious face watch them instead. There's nothing quite like a first timer.

Happy Birthday America!