Big Boy

When did Silas become a big boy instead of a baby. I think it officially happened this past week. He's not potty trained yet, nor is he forming complete sentences, but a few monumental moments seemed to change his appearance altogether.
He's rocking a new pair of size 5 sneakers!

It's amazing what some Elmo shoes will do for your stance.

I begrudgingly gave Silas his first haircut. He really needed to get his straight bangs out of his eyes.

And I couldn't just do the front or he'd have a mullet.

We had to turn on Curious George to keep him from squirming.

Although he squirmed anyway

I hope your sweet baby curls come back big boy!

You're cute no matter what Si-man!

Pre-haircut: we also gave him his first set of wheels this week. This 20$ car was on us Silas, but you pay for the next one!

Great rainy-day tactile activity. Found it on Pinterest (of course), and all you need is corn starch, water, and sugar! It was easy homemade silly puddy!
Hope these videos bring you as much joy as they do me. Time truly does race by us when we blink, so soak up each moment knowing you may not get the next one. It's all just worth sitting with a cup of coffee reflecting on God's goodness.

~Big Buster