Called or Crazy?

In three days we will be taking our 14 month old on a nine plus hour plane ride to Spain. Some would say we are called to Spain and feel prompted to bring our monkey man with us, but others would just call us crazy. I'm somewhere in the middle :)   I know we are crazy, but that is the case no matter what continent we are currently on. I believe it's that craziness that can open doors to show how we are crazy in love with Christ. He's done so much for us; we can't help but take that love to the world. If you'd like to follow our team's journey in San Sebastian, I've been given the duty of blogging while we are in Spain (imagine that.... God can use any skill you possess no matter how seemingly insignificant), check out and click on the "Spain" tab.

Thank you in advance for all who have expressed a desire to pray for our trip and our team! It means more than you know!

Summer heat brings out all new joy in this little man.
May his joy bring others joy as we travel abroad.
There are just so many reasons to give thanks.

Hasta luego amigos!  Vaya con Dios.

~Espana Buster


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