Happy Birthday Silas

This was the first night we brought our little boy home from the hospital.
Silas Cary Smith, seeing you in the NICU was so hard, but I've always known you were in God's hands since we first found out about you.
It made seeing you at peace that much sweeter.
And now all you do is smile... especially at the thought of a bunch of your images all over the wall.
Nothing like some good cupcakes to keep the party going.
Thanks for rocking the shades Max!
Of course Silas wanted to watch the Masters on his birthday too.
Didn't know how I was going to get all the balloons and Silas home in our little car. We made it work.
Daddy got Silas ready for the Masters!
While I got the party ready. You may not remember this when you're old Si, but Mommy had fun doing it.
Our sweet boy was spoiled right on his first birthday.
Happy Birthday Bud. You'll always be our baby boy.