Curious Cousins

Silas has a fascination with Daddy's golf stuff..... I'm sure that's not by chance. Just wait till your birthday buddy. You gotta surprise coming your way!

We are so grateful for our wonderful sitter, and my dear friend, Caitlyn whom Si gets to play with every Thursday.

Caitlyn's little angel Evie loves showing Silas the ropes. Here's how you put a flower in your hair Silas. (sorry daddy!)

Silas' first birthday is next week. He was quite excited when his party stuff arrived. He loves Curious George!

I think the plates and napkins will be sufficient gifts for his birthday this year. It's always the simple stuff.

We just got back from visiting my nephews in Dallas. I think Easton is telling his mommy that a real police officer would drive on the road, not the sidewalk. Duh!

Silas couldn't wait to pull some people over in Dallas!

Even with his first ear infection before we left, Silas did a great job with the busy week and played well with his cousins.

My sister is such a great mom and works so hard that I wanted to try and pamper her while I was there. Our feast after putting all three boys to bed.

Thanks for sharing your toys Easton and Tanner! You guys really have some cool wheels!

I don't know how moms of twins do it. Tanner and Silas are so close in age that it was tough to keep them both from wanting the same mode of transportation at the same time. 

Even more tough to get them all to smile at the same time. Cheer up Tan! *Mommy tip* If you have more than one child, always have enough of the same toy for each to enjoy. Unless they are old enough to understand the concept of sharing.
I was given a tip for the first birthday: let your child try some chocolate or whatever you're serving the day of his birthday to make sure he doesn't throw up at his own party.
Couldn't pick up big enough bits so he went straight to the source.
I think he liked his first cupcake. We are ready to party now!


  1. Katie, Thanks for posting these precious pictures of my grandsons. I love to see them all together ... does Tanner ever smile? It looks like Easton and Silas had a smile-off competition (does that mean Silas will be just like Easton?)


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