A day in the life of Si

Hmmm, what should I do today?
My mommy loves coffee so much she drinks it at night. Maybe I should try it.
How come mine doesn't smell like anything?
I think Heaven is going to look just like the public library.
Mommy took me to "Monkey Joe's" last week too. The big kids were bouncing everywhere!
At first the bench seemed just as fun to me. And plenty safer.
I mean a loud bang sound when my hand hits it... what could be more fun?
Well I soon found out that trucks were more fun.
I don't know about this bouncy thing mommy... where are you?
Actually, now I think Heaven will have books and bouncy houses!
A great way to end the day... "Curious George"... I just love monkeys!
I love when Daddy gets home! I think I want to be like him now.
What's for dinner mama!?
Wow.... you have to try making this famous French sandwhich, Croque Monsieur. A little too big for baby Si though. Next time buddy...


  1. Si, I want to hang out with you!
    Hugs and kisses!


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