Why I blog

Why I blog:
1. Because I'm hoping to earn some extra income with all my witty writings as I am soon discovered by food network wanting me to start a coffee shop.
2. Because I secretly love attending the worldwide blogger conference in Paris, France every Fall.
3. Because I'm incredibly vain and love to put my ideas out on the internet for all to read
4. Because I don't have anything better to do with my time.

The real reason:
Since I don't put anything on Facebook, I feel the need to tell all my distant friends and relatives (I have no family in town except my momma and T-pop) what is going on in my life. And now that we have Silas, new grandmas tell me how much they love my picture updates. Why not just send a quick picture update via instagram or FB you may be asking yourself? Well, to be honest I think both are kind of like vaccuums for me. I get sucked in to the beautiful lives of others and begin to subconsciously compare my happenings with there's. Instead of getting the full story of their intricate lives and the details of what's really helping and hurting the them, I merely scroll through pictures and enviously wish I was something other than the amazing me that God designed me to be. :)  Nuff said.  Gotta live it out and love it out. It's the only way to live.

I mean he's already practicing his "pick up girls" look. Stop growing please!
Mohawk Man won't be denied.
We recently decided to go on a mission trip to Spain with our little man and our church! Decided to think about the comfiest ways to carry this little booger all over Espana, but I feel like we are a sumo wrestling team here.
Silas LOVES his George blanket. Tip for mommies: if your child does this as a baby, relax. It's just a comfort thing.
Peel back the layer and get a beautiful treat.
One of the strangest things about Silas is that he LOVES taking out the trash with mommy. If I even mention taking it out and don't get him to go with me he starts throwing a fit. He hysterically tries to crawl faster then his little legs will allow. I hope you still love it when your sixteen buddy!



  1. I am so glad you blog Katie! I feel so blessed to be part of your lives, even just a little! These little peeks into your life bless me more than you will ever know! Give Silas and Matthew my love!
    In Christ's love,


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