When life is messy, eat it.

Sometimes life gets messy, so I figured it was time to let Silas explore that fact for himself. Some old baby food and a paint brush were the perfect tools. We gotta smile when life gets messy, right?
Silas took his first music class at church, and loved hanging with the other babes. Jingle Jam was fun, but Silas kind of liked eating the bells more than ringing them. I'm not surprised in the least...
This is hands down my favorite face that Silas makes... his dimple says it all: "Mommy, you're just crazy!"
We went shopping for our Christmas dinner, and Silas wouldn't let go of the bacon. He's already just like his daddy.
Easy pre-Christmas dinner that is festive and tasty:  vegetable pasta with chicken, peas, edamame, paprika, tomato sauce and some other spices. Mmmmmm.... Just warming up the abdomen for the main event.