Silas' first Christmas

Happy Birthday Jesus!
I ran out of food coloring so my red velvet cake was pink velvet. I also substituted butter milk with half and half. I don't recommend this. It's sweet and edible, but not moist and amazing. 
Our first Christmas in our home meant Matthew had the carving honors. At least the main dish turned out better than Jesus' birthday cake.
Dollar store toy was a hit! A train that goes in circles.... who would have thought... gotta love how simple it is when we have our first Christmas. Why change it?
Loved seeing friends who came in town with some new additions to the group. Silas looks ginormous already. Someone please slow the clock down!
Silas is blessed to have many loving grandparents. Didn't get a pic with the grandfathers this year, but Silas was loving the sugar from his Gramma.
Our tradition: Smith family Christmas morning brunch. Oh so delicious!
Is it okay that Silas was flirting with my step sisters?
Dee Dee was excited to introduce Silas to his first football game.
Uncle Matt may have caused a few tears when he first saw Silas, but they quickly bonded over some puffs and football.
Half-time snooze. Several Christmases makes me pooped too buddy.
Congrats to the newly engaged couple. Welcome to the fam Brandon!
Yes I do Silas. I'll even share my water with you cause I love you so much.
We are so thankful that so much of our family traveled to Roswell this Christmas. It was a true blessing to stay in our home this year. As a "Four Christmases" kind of group, we were happy to stay put for once. We missed a few members, but had a great Christmas. We are thankful for our health, home, and so many blessings we can't even count. 2013 was a year we won't ever forget.

~Blessed Buster