Vacation to see family with Silas = Less sleep 
Vacation to see family with Silas = Working out without a stroller
Vacation to see family with Silas = Diaper blow outs in the car
Vacation to see family with Silas = Priceless

Who cares about sleep when you have these boys in your life?
Silas hanging with grandpa
Little second-cousin Camille didn't want Silas to get all the attention
The three sisters were fighting over these precious babes. That's true love.
Thank you Dana for the Activity Gym. Silas is just starting to need a stand-up activity!
Daddy are you losing some hair like me? One of my favorite things is watching Silas spit "hair gel" into Matthew's hair. It's priceless every time.
Silas loved his grandma.
I realized I never take pictures with my little man, so when attempting to do so, he stuck his tongue out at the idea.
Silas loved having his daddy around all week.
It's almost time to start solid food, so we wanted to try out our highchair. I think he's ready!
Mommy look at me sitting up by myself!
After a long vacation, Silas struggled to get back into the 'ole routine of life. After crying for an hour one day, I took him out, and he had a huge poop while in my lap. Then he made this face. Priceless.


  1. babies sure do keep it exciting!! hehe :) he is looking SO MUCH like Matthew these days!!


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