Happy FALL!!!!!

I'm sure you'll here that line multiple times this season. But FINALLY my favorite season has officially arrived (last Sunday). I love the cool crisp mornings and nippy nights. Every cup of coffee tastes better this time of year. Especially since we can order a PSL anytime we want! There's just something about this time of year that gets my blood flowing, my hands baking, and my heart soaring!  It's like a special kiss from the angels wrapped in a burlap bow and sent snail mail just for me to enjoy for several months. I need to get a mantle up above our fireplace so I can decorate it with white pumpkins and twine. I guess the fact that we have our own fireplace should suffice this year. It is the season of Thanksgiving right!?!  So stop making me jealous with your perfect, Pinterest pics for a few minutes and get outside and just smell that autumn breeze please. Oh and don't forget to enjoy that pumpkin spice something. It's perfect this time of year.

I'm more of a cook than a baker, but I had to get some goodies going for the sweet tooth my hubby and I rock daily.
I actually don't like cinnamon rolls or donuts. I know, I know. You don't have to read my blog anymore. But I've found my own homemade versions are actually quite tasty. (I'm a little stuck up with sweets and coffee)
These easy Pillsbury mini cinnamon rolls just pop in your mouth and take minutes to make.
I made some Pumpkin Coffee Cake (check it out on Pinterest... ha ha... yea I pin too) and it was quite tasty
The warm glaze just made all the difference.
I asked Silas to help, but he just stared at me and the spatula
Then he figured, "why not eat the spatula too?"
He loves fall too. I cannot believe God entrusted this little booger to us.
We finally seem to have turned a corner with sleeping. Even though it takes him a little longer, we are back on our backs so that we don't roll ourselves awake. It's all a changing game though. Who know what tomorrow will hold, but we wait with eager expectations of goodness.
I can't help but want to eat this little monkey up every day. Anyone see on the news lately?  Apparently it's okay to shove your baby's extremities in your mouth as long as you don't actually chow down. Something about endorphins. :P
Silas was helping mommy multi-task here.
Happy First Fall Baby Si
Love this flasback. We can't wait to show Silas his first pumpkin patch too.
~Pumpkin Spiced Buster