Welcome Silas Cary Smith

Well if you thought I was having a boy, you were right! 

We welcomed Silas Cary Smith into the world Wednesday, April 10 at 6:07 am at 7 lbs 1 ounce and almost 20 inches long! Just perfect in my humble mommy-opinion.

Silas started out fighting to come into existence 40 weeks ago, and he had to fight the second he entered this world. It was a long night, and a long few days come to think of it, but one we will treasure for the rest of our lives.
With fluid in his lungs, Silas was immediately taken away from me, which almost broke my heart. I fell apart here after the relief and shock that God brought him to me. It wasn't easy, but with God, I was able to do it.
Straight from the oven, puffy and sleepy. Matthew never left his side while they ran tests and watched him closely.
I almost lost it when I was able to see him again. He had an IV for antibiotics due to his border-line white blood cell count, and all kinds of wires that monitored his breathing and heart-rate.
Poor Silas didn't feel like eating much, so they were forced to give him a feeding tube. It was just pitiful and without everyone's prayers, I may not have been able to stand it.
 He had to stay in the NICU the entire hospital stay as jaundice developed and other possible signs of infection lingered.
He loved holding daddy's hand throughout the ordeal.
We tried to give him some bottles just to get the feeding tube out. Matthew became a veteran dad in no time; I was so impressed.
This is his burp face. After some good nursing, he's usually out for the count.
Even though his shirt reads, "Handsome Like Daddy"  he didn't look very handsome when we changed his diapers.
That's a little more like it.
Thanks to so many praying, Silas was able to come home with us with the contingency that we visit the pediatrician first thing Monday morning. He was happy as a clam to be free of all the pokes and prodding.
We couldn't believe he was our son. Our first night we struggled to take our eyes of his precious face.
First-time grandma has been so much help. She is just smitten with him too.
Who wouldn't be?
We have to give God all the thanks that Silas is thriving and doing wonderfully. We prayed for a long time for this little one, and now it's just surreal that he's actually here.
Silas did wonderful at the doctor's visit. The nurse said she was shocked by his long legs and big feet. I think he's going to be tall like his parents.
I'm realizing how important it is to take things one day at a time. We can't fathom all that accompanies raising another life, but thankfully right now, all we have to do is eat and sleep. (Oh and poop a lot!)
My boys are utter gifts to me. I pray I never take them for granted.
The new and improved Smith Family (I don't think Silas would approve of this angle of him- sorry little man.)

We truly can't thank all of our friends, family, church, and even strangers who prayed for us while we waited in uncertainty about Silas' health. He's home and happy, and we look forward to all the bumps, bruises, and hiccups along the way as we grow this little guy together. Can't wait for all to meet him.

- Happy BIRTHday Silas-  We love you.



  1. Silas, you are such a little warrior! My heart rejoiced when found out you were here, but nearly broke when I found out you were so sick! I prayed without ceasing and asked a million questions about you whenever Grandma (Smith) called. Jesus loves you Silas, more than any of us ever can.

  2. What a blessing you already are, sweet boy, and God has given you the most wonderful, faithful, and loving parents...

    with peace and endless joy,
    Cartie Cart

  3. p.s. I cannot WAIT to meet you, little Silas!


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