The itch

Some little known facts:  Did you know that Silas was Paul's companion in the New Testament, and kind of an awesome guy? Did you know that Paul spent more than 13 years just growing in his knowledge and love of Jesus before going out and discipling others?
Similarly, I think God gives new moms the down-time needed after delivery to learn to become a confident and capable parent who needs great patience and wisdom for such a humble calling.

Well I wasn't quite as patient as Paul... after one week of constant healing and growing with my son (and my Savior), I had the itch to get out and about. Cabin fever had set in.
Thankfully Silas is a great traveler, and I believe he loves going and doing too. In week two of his life, Silas went on a date with his parents, he went to a funeral, a wedding, the park, the movies, and many other errands. More than that though, God has still given us some great, much needed quiet time with Him.

Go Dawgs!
Silas loves to stretch like his mom!
This was his first sponge bath last week. He hated it until the towel massage.
This is how he looked before he puked everywhere. Motherhood: never a dull moment
Thank you for my tattoo imprint Graco.
Date night in Roswell square
We had to get a nice outfit for the wedding. I love five buck vests.
Lauren was a gorgeous bride. Anyone surprised?
So happy these two finally made it official after 11 years!
So fun to see everyone at the wedding
Christi's wedding is next!
Congrats Laur and Clay. We love you.
Man I'm pooped after all that.



  1. Katie, thank you for sharing your first couple of weeks as a mom and dad. My grandson is blessed to have parents like you! I have no doubt that what Silas will learn from his mom and dad, especially in the early years of his life, will rival if not exceed the knowledge his namesake learned in his mission with Paul ... with the same conviction and the same "Teacher" leading. I love you guys.

  2. Silas,

    It was great hearing about all your adventures. I hope you can

    come to St. Simonns soon & have adventures with us!




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