What a work week

Talk about a great week of work! Not only did I meet Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains, a.k.a. Mike Seaver, at our annual fundraising banquet, but our weekly "chapel" involved some incredible trampoline basketball players, a.k.a. "Soar Dunk", who had some awesome tricks with an awesome testimony to follow.

It's a bit blurry, but at least we got it. I did have to stalk him like I do all famous people I encounter.

This was one of the simpler tricks. I'm talking flips, hangs from the net, and other crazy stuff went down in our gym. 

They had students and teachers take a stab. This poor girl wasn't even close! I was about to get up and show off, but then I realized I was wearing a skirt.  Oh and I guess Baby Smith might not have enjoyed it.