Autumn Observances

It was time, fall decorating day! One of my favorite holidays! This was a new addition to the collection thanks to my girl Pink! Love the reminder in the kitchen!

I love these little guys. They joined our family from, the one and only, Hobby Lobby. The burlap French script matches perfectly with our stuff!

Also had to make my annual fall favorite- homemade cranberry, chocolate granola! Mmm

Let me know if you want the recipe.... It's wonderfully good and easy! Now that I make it every fall, the smell just makes me think of the season. 

My precious new nephew was born a couple weeks ago too! We'll definitely have to have autumn birthday parties together in the future!

Speaking of which, Mom and Scotch took us out for my b-day. Lovely dinner and movie night. We were on a wild goose chase to see Taken 2. One theater was sold out for every time, the next theater was flooded (not even a joke, caution tape around the outside and all), but finally, third times the charm! It was good, maybe not worth the good chase though. 

Little baby smith is starting to show him/her self, or maybe I just need to start working out again. Mom and I enjoyed some shopping the next day. It was a wonderful birthday!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I feel SO blessed, and plan to enjoy these last couple years of my twenties to the fullest!  



  1. ummmm, I missed your birthday? Not cool. I am so sorry!! I want to take you out for a cup of {decaf} joe to celebrate & talk about how cute you are & this wonderful baby smith on the way!


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