Thinking of Thanksgiving

I'm thankful that even if I haven't run as much as
much as I used to, I'm able to walk and run
a little more now and enjoy the best season.
This cool fall weather makes me think about how thankful I am and with all of life's changes and trees changing recently, changing my gratitude to encompass so many more little luxuries of life is critical.

I'm so thankful for how the colors have popped lately, and I'm thankful for large plates of pasta and rice. Baby Smith loves those carbs.

Matthew and I took our annual pumpkin-patch-pick trip, and I'm so thankful God makes funny looking things called "gords" 
I'm thankful for those random outcasts that make our lives interesting.

I'm thankful baby Smith is growing strong and no longer looks like this in the ultrasound photos!

Um... I just had to ask about the pumpkin that is known as... the "Pink Banana". I hope to carve one of these next year!
I'm thankful it smells like fall.... oh you can't describe it if you've never smelled it. 
I'm thankful for old friends! We had a busy weekend last weekend, and got to see a lot of great friends at an engagement shower!
I'm thankful for these girls for sure!
And these girls!... and maxi skirts that help me hold my lump easier.  (Not  necessarily in that order.)
I'm thankful for love and for these two kids finally getting ready to share the same last name after 10 years! Congrats Laur and Clay!