Fresh air

In between the grading and errands of the weekend, Matthew and I spent some much needed time outdoors. We went back to the place where our journey as the Smiths began-hiking on Kennesaw Mountain. It makes you feel like you are somewhere far away from Atlanta. It was the perfect day for it too!
You can almost feel the fresh oxygen spilling from the trees- sure beats a red pen and paper

There was even a reenactment happening during our visit. These folks actually travel around kind of in an Amish existence dressing, living, and acting like it's still 1898.

Now.... back to the grading. Keeping it balanced is what it's all about!


  1. I love and miss my CCB! Praying for you this coming week "in the saddle" and praying for the opportunities to seek balance and grace in the midst of it all...
    wishing we could sip some coffee and share some good convo at Land of a Thousand Hills soon, sweetness! HMMM! Soul Food!


    John 16:33


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