Sunny San Diego

We had a great trip out to beautiful San Diego. This was our view from the train from LAX to Solana Beach
Wednesday night when we arrived we had to go from a plane, to a bus, to a train. We did it all and saw it all!
Not a great pic, but the Cubbuster did it again. Padres 1- Astros- 0
Jaj is no fair-weather fan. She doesn't give up on the Padres!
Matthew's first time to San Diego proved to be one of the best. Not only did he walk on and play Torrey Pines (a perfect dream for him shooting 77 with my dad's clubs), but he also loved the huge Pacific waves!
One of my all-time favorite spots- hiking the hills of Torrey Pines
Spent an afternoon in the gorgeous La Jolla Beach. The pictures really don't do it justice.
I had a similar pic in Paris, where I was immediately told to get down by an officer. The people of Cali are a little more relaxed about tree climbing.
Matthew went out to wait patiently for the perfect wave with the many surfers. He didn't really enjoy all the waiting around, and he's a golfer- go-figure.
Del Mar beach was packed and the weather was perfect!
An amazing woman: my Great-grandmother is 97 and still looking amazing. It was a true blessing that she could finally meet my hubby after 8 years.
We had such a great time seeing family and relaxing. Love my Cali Jaj!