Que pasa

After a week of rice dieting, broken Spanish, and sore muscles, Matthew and I now have many new sisters and brothers in Ecuador. Our mission trip journey was spectacular only because of the One who enabled us to work, love, and serve our South American, church family. There is so much to say about the trip, but I will have to add commentary in upcoming posts. For now, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. God is good, and it is amazing to see His love and His ability to break language and cultural barriers through the outpouring of His good works and great love. 

I loved these little ones. Winter break was about to start for them (south of the equator), so we got to have VBS and medical well checks during the last two days of school.

The camp that the full-time missionaries started was directly outside an active volcano! It was just gorgeous, and thankfully didn't erupt during our stay.

Camp terrain was pretty amazing!

Not only did I help paint the school, but learned how to use a nail gun to make benches and tables for the jungle camp and local church partner. Matthew knows that nail gun is number one on my Christmas list this year! 

Probably one of the hardest and sorest days for the men making and pouring concrete at the church.

There wasn't really sophisticated scaffolding in the small town we worked in. Thank the Lord no one fell! 

The medical clinic saw about 288 people in four days, and I was able to use my spanish to help a bit in the pharmacy portion. Our perspective was certainly adjusted in seeing all that the Ecuadorians don't have.

With the men working construction, we were a little short on male disciples, so we Oscar nominated stars stepped in for VBS. My agent should be calling to book my next show any day now.

To see God's splendor and promise in the many rainbows after afternoon showers was breathtaking.

We got to visit the middle of the Earth at the Equator on our last day. Who knew that it would be chilly there so high up, and that the equator would be yellow!

One of my favorite little boys!

Pastor Hernon and his wife welcomed us to their church with open arms and open hearts. We will miss them dearly!

Our translators became our BFFs. It was funny to make jokes about our language differences. They are truly God's precious children!

Thank God for all His blessings. We wanted to serve others, but ended up being served in so many ways.

More to come...



  1. love these pictures! especially the one of all my friends at the equator! :)


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