Pumpkins Past & Present

I'm so thankful that my husband has jumped on the fall bandwagon with his crazy wife. He's been humoring me for years, and I think all the humor has added to our creative carvings.

Off the vine is the best way to get um!
In Athens.... He felt like he picked the best one. Psh...
I want to cut my own Christmas tree this year too!
It might be a little tougher than this though.
Aw... he's so fratastic. Gotta love him!

I wanted my pumpkin to be scared of the tricker-treaters that year.
I thought it was funny
Stone Mountain also puts out some great ones
I keep holding on to my overalls for this one day every year. 
We had some good stencils that year!
Matthew was mighty proud of his headless horseman.
You HAVE to go to Burts. It's the mother of all patches!
There aren't really words for this particluar year.
Matthew decided on a Cyclopes this year.
There was no changing his mind...
I did Jack from Tim Burton's Christmas movie! (minus a few teeth)
I think they both turned out great!