No bars

Every so often I think its essential that we all get to a place with no cellular bars. Even with my small, antiquated flip phone, I still find value in disconnecting from the world. That's exactly what my hubby and I did this past Saturday. We headed north to the Tennessee/Georgia border for some much needed R&R and a bit of God's beautiful nature. The trees were just starting to turn, the air was crisp and the temperature was perfect for a campfire. Minus the bumping ground, lack of silverware, and unfortunate regret of pillow packing, we had great time! Nothing like samores and gin-rummy to make a great evening! Plus we got our pumpkins for carving (more on that later). We we saw two tent-covered wagons pulled by horses, we realized we weren't in Kansas anymore. "Oregon Trail" anyone?

Matthew said we could only take what we could carry
because our campsite was a couple miles into the hike.
Jack's River! We didn't make it to the falls.... Not enough provisions for that kind of hike.
Matthew thought he saw a great campsite across the river, so he wanted to check it out.
Notice he left he shoes on the rock on the far right in order to keep them dry for the crossing
He decided to head back over for his shoes when he hit an unexpected slippery patch.
So he stayed low to the ground after that... It was like watching a baby calf learn to walk!
He's almost to the shoes!
(we decided the site wasn't so great after all)
We found a much dryer one soon thereafter.
Home sweet home! :)
The sun welcomed us to the new day on Sunday morning!
A beautiful place for church and some Via Starbucks!