Mrs. Smith

Teaching is certainly a "calling", and one that I feel blessed to have heard and followed. However, it also has its generous portion of difficulties like any other job/career. This article: TEACHERS was sent to me recently, and I had some definite fist pump, amen sister! moments while reading. I heard about the article on the radio the same day, so I think it was some kind of sign: I'm not alone when I face these daily educational challenges. I pray the day I feel like shoving cow manure in a student's face, that I immediately resign. I can't let myself get burnt out, or I am truly useless and destroying America's future potential. I just have to recall all the little glorious moments experienced in my classroom:

"Mrs. Smith, how do you come up with these questions. You really make us THINK!"

"Mrs. Smith, I really like this Killing a Mockingbird book."

"Mrs. Smith, when is Juliet gonna let her hair down from the balcony so that Romeo can climb up it?"

Oh the joyous moments...

~Teach Buster