The perfect iced coffee

Thanks to The Pioneer Woman, I have found the perfect recipe for iced coffee! She even makes a month's supply at once... I knew she was on my blog roll-call for a reason! I could feel our connection when we met. Yes, there's a coffee connection that some people have..... or maybe its just coffee breath.

Check out the recipe here:

Now, I still have to get some of that mesh cloth (for the pour-over) before I attempt this, and without a house-full of rugrats, like she has, I don't yet own containers that can hold 5 gallons of mac and cheese (as seen in her pictured recipe version), but I'm sure I can figure something out. :)
Here's to the many beautiful ways to drink java!  Let me know if you put your own spin on it. I certainly will.... I see dark chocolate in my near future!

~ CC