Honeymoon Pictures!

I cannot begin to describe the amazing trip to Europe that Matthew and I had. It was an experience of a lifetime, and we were tempted to never return back to America. The food, the culture, the history, the beauty. Ugh.... it was AMAZING! People keep asking us what our favorite place/part of the trip was. It's so tough to say because all the places we visited were so different. I mean we went from a hug city, to snow-capped mountains, to the beach, to small vineyard towns, to another big historic city. It was almost more than the senses could take. I was on joy-overload! If I had to pick though.... I think it would be a tie between Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland and Cinque Terra, Italy. The scenery was just breathtaking. Here's a few pics from our trip, but if you want to see more (and read a little more about the trip, check out our Picasa site.

PARIS: My favorite thing about the city of love = THE FOOD!
The food was incredible, and you walk everywhere, so you can eat anything! :)

I loved seeing all the love in paris!
This dixie-looking cup is what they give you if you want to take your cappuccino "to go."
No one is in a rush to leave the "bar," so no one drinks on the go.  
I loved all the different doors in the European cities!

LAUTERBRUNNEN: My favorite thing = The scenery

CINQUE TERRA: My favorite thing = The food, beauty, and way of life!

FLORENCE/TUSCANY: My favorite thing = The picturesque views

ROME: My favorite thing = the history, the gelato, and seeing one of my best friends!

Oh how amazing it was.... so sad to leave!

~ A very blessed CubBuster! 
 ciao! au revoir!


  1. Oh WOOWWOWOWOWO!!!! What a glorious trip! So happy for you!


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