Marrying into

So, I never realized that I wasn't just marrying into a family, marrying into traditions, or marrying into a new last name, but I actually get to marry into some cool stuff!!!

As most of you can tell from my blog, my camera isn't exactly quality (either are the pictures it takes). Nope, the ole' Olympus circa 1922 is considered an antique these days. I was thinking about getting a new one (when I realized I had no money), when I realized my new hubby has a pretty sweet flash-of-a guy. I mean, I get to say that's OUR camera! How awesome is that!?!
I also worry that good ole' MacBook here isn't gonna live as long as me, but guess what-- new hubby has a nicer, newer, metallic MacBook Pro! Now, since I've been engaged for five months, no one can accuse me of being superficial. I am more excited about living life with my best friend more than anything, but these perks certainly don't hurt his cause. :)
Hmm..... I guess that means I'm also marrying into the lovely "rubber-band-man" pillow. This is Matthew's favorite pillow that has a strange scent of rubber bands and even springs back a bit at first contact.


~Coffee CubBuster