Blessed and Humbled part 2

As I mentioned, God is happy to answer the "please keep me humble" or  "teach me real humility" prayer. When my sister was staying with us during her maternity leave, she and my mom seemed do be doing a lot of little errands together. They even went so far as to have fun "wedding planning" outings together and not invite me (did I mention my sister is planning her own wedding right now?) So, I began to feel very left out. I through my hands up and claimed "middle-child syndrome."  Why didn't anyone want me to be involved. Why couldn't I feel like part of the girls club??
I was soon thrown into my own hole when I arrived at my unbelievable shower that my mother and sister planned. All the secret Ya Ya outings for my sister's wedding, were really secret Katie shower planning meetings. Talk about being humbled! I'm so thankful I have a family that loves me, that I have friends that love me, and that I have a God that will love me despite my selfish and childish behavior.

It was a weekend I will never ever forget. Despite my sadness prior to the shower, no one ever told me what was going on. (They all must have known I was praying for humility!)  :)
Thanks momma, Nicole, Wendy, Pink, B, and everyone who helped make me feel so very loved!

Special shout out to our resident photographer of the evening--- Caitlyn I love you!

Pink and Marg were serious about the veggie dish.
No messing around when Chef John is in the kitchen!
I was so impressed with what chicken looks like after you put it in a hot skillet....
yes I'm easily entertained.
Say hello to our photographer Caitlyn on the left and my roomie for life Kacie on the right.
We couldn't wait to dig in. Talk about working for your meal!
Chef John and..... wow I don't think his su chef ever told me her name...
John could smell an opportunity to promote his book (maybe he doesn't
know how many people read my blog)
Yes, I wouldn't miss a chance to dance at my bachelorette party,
even if we were at a BP pit stop. 
Thanks for helping us ride in style momma!
Our driver is telling my body guard to stand down.
Yes, this was my own individual dance party.
I am so glad you can still find N'Sync on the radio!
Can't show off the goods just yet!
Love my girls!
Yes, like I've said, I only have pretty friends.
I'm not shallow, they're just attracted to me for some reason.
"Whose shoe is the best for this occasion?"
We had so much fun at the lake!
Well, I certainly did!!!
Nick, I love my cake!!! Barbie looks just like me!
You can't really see it, but Barbie is holding a coffee to-go cup!
The toilet paper brides were too cute!
I'm a little concerned that some people were too willing to take their
clothes off just to win a starbucks gift card!
My Jaj and my future mother-in-law were certainly close runners up.

Mom and Nicole--- where are our pics?  You guys were the stars of the show! 
Thank you SO much!

Love you all, 


  1. love it!!! Can you please email around these pictures! I miss everyone already!

  2. yes please send me the pics too!!


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