CB meets PW

If you haven't visited her blog, read her harlem romance about her and Marboro Man, or checked out her cookbook, you are seriously missing out on life. 
You may have noticed the updates on my blog, this is due to my presence among some majorly gifted bloggers this past Friday. I realized that my wedding, job, and schooling should take a back seat as I explored the world of templates. I owe it to my fans.
 I'm still sorely lacking in the graphics and photography arena, but at least I'm giving you some variety..... right?

 I digress.... I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Pioneer Woman (or PW as she's affectionately called by her stalkers). She is the reason I started this blog not long ago when I actually had too much time on my hands (did such a time ever really exist?), and I didn't want to take up bridge, join Facebook, or steal cars. Plus I wanted to update all my fans of my goings on. So a blog seemed like the obvious solution.

PW came to a local Borders in Atlanta with her handsome Marboro Man and 2 boys in toe. What a cute personality. What a cute dresser. She actually makes me want to move to Oklahoma so that I can be her friend. (She doesn't know that we're already friends) Actually, I recommend not visiting her blog. You will realize how bad mine is and never come back. 

Please don't leave me. 

I'm thankful to the other fellow bloggers who seem like bigger stalkers than me. I'm especially thankful for the girls who let me join in on their Apples to Apples game as we anxiously awaited PW's arrival. Thanks for having your camera Anna -Elizabeth and sending me these pics!  Thanks PW for wishing me luck on my upcoming marriage. Thanks Borders for letting me drink half your coffee supply while I waited. Thank you coffee beans for bringing me such joy and jitter. Thank you for friends who encourage my addiction through the coffee gift cards you send. I can send you my address if you are looking to get rid of anymore. Thank you God for inventing friends and coffee. 

Can you tell that I'm profusely sweating? 
She looks so fascinated by me... my story was definitely not deserving of that look!
Thanks PW



  1. Squee!! Thanks for the shout out, new friend! I'm so glad you were right next to us in line, that makes it providence that we met. Hooray for us! :)

  2. Anna-E sent me the link to your blog. It's awesome, and I love your verse of the day widget. I might have to steal that for my own. It was awesome to meet you on Friday. I'm glad we got to share the beauty of the P-Dub experience together.


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