Walking in Memphis

50 Christmas songs, 6 hours, 4 cups of coffee, 2 potty stops, and a partridge peach pie later, and  Matthew and I arrived in Memphis Tennessee!
We packed in the weekend with as much time possible with dad, Kathy, Lindsey, and unexpectedly the awesome Margie Lott! I'm sad to say that Lindsey Carter has developed some insane qualities since I last saw her. On 4 hours of sleep and a frozen dinner she rolled out of bed to run 13.1 miles FOR FUN, oh and for charity. I guess that's okay. I'm worried that it's something they put in the Ole Miss H2O because Margie drove over 6 hours to run in the same race. Its bordering on lunacy folks. I mean I'm all for a nice jog, but come on!
We really did have a great time though minus the crazies; I just wish we had had MORE time. It was quick, but it was a true blessing for Matthew and I to spend some time with people we love and with whom we haven't seen in a very long time. God is good! Miss Memhpis already!  As Lindsey puts it, "You probably won't love it the first time you're there, but it definitely grows on you. It's a diamond in the rough!"
Lindsey's house is adorable!
I mean don't we look like we should move in?
Can you tell we're freezing!
Meet crazy 1 and crazy 2