Season of Joy

Just a little over four months ago, some beautiful, wise, southern women took me under their precious wings and poured out love to me as if I had been in their family all my life. I've never met such women before, and I can only thank the Lord that such gracious, loving, and purely sweet women have given me the opportunity to share in God's blessings, grow in God's word, and gain invaluable wisdom from them. These women came together and threw me my first bridal shower during the busiest time of the year. How could I have felt more special!
Apparently I am like a small child when I open presents. This I can only say has always been part of my character. Sometimes for the better, sometimes (with my non-stop questioning of "why") for the worse. Either way, I had a wonderful time with my ladies small group sharing good food, good fun, and great fellowship. Thank you ladies for being such an amazing gift in my life. God bless each one of you!
Su actually made coconut cake! It looks professionally done.
 To die for!!!