Me with just a few of the girls at the Saturday night rally.
Get it Camo.... Surrender. Yeah. We're cool!
Had an amazing weekend hanging out with 9 beautiful 9th grade girls at the 2010 DNOW Surrender weekend. We had a blast growing in God's word, laughing, dressing out in camo and just enjoying fellowship. Oh, and they loved to tell me how old I was.
Examples of comments:

"So what kind of dance move did they have back when you were young?"
"You don't know what the jerk dance move looks like?"
"Well, I mean do you remember what it was like at our school back when you were there?"
"You're, like, the oldest, so you go first."

Thanks for loving me despite my old age girls! :)

You girls looked awesome!


  1. aw i love these pictures katie! love mallory (:

  2. i love these too! love, Veronika Snuggie


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