Bed, Bath, and Beyond BLESSED

Matthew and I have a wonderful wedding-filled weekend!  Much was accomplished!

First, I got my wedding dress! YES! That's what I said to the dress. Not only does it fit like a glass slipper, and I love it, but it was on sale! It couldn't get much better than that. Mom and I had a great time finding it too!

Next, Matthew and I had a blast with our Parisian (yes he's from Paris!) photographer, Eric. He's really funny, as you can tell from all my 26 teeth showing in most of the pictures. Wait, is it 26? I'm eating popcorn right now so it's hard to count with my tongue.

Check us out at:
We are the opening act, but to see all 7 pages of the Smiths-to-be, click on Proofing/Ordering at the bottom and then "Engagement". Enter my email address: and our password is, get this, COFFEE. Eric did his homework and checked out the CubBuster blog before the photo shoot!

Finally, we ended the weekend with our registry initiation. In the beginning, I was so pumped to get that gun at Bed Bath and Beyond and shoot away, but after a while, I realized how unprepared we were.
I mean a wedding dress is worn for like maybe 5 hours, whereas your placemats and table settings can last like 15 years! I just wanted to check it off the list so we tried to get as much done as possible, but I'm finding myself second guessing all my color scheme choices.
Speaking of which, what's with all the linen colors being named after food... sage, chocolate, caviar. Do they want you drooling in your new plush pillows when you leave? Chocolate is by far the tastiest too, so if Matthew and I ever invite you over, be prepared to see a lot of brown.

As my mind was spinning with how to update my registry to make it less poop-colored, Matthew invited me to go with him and Blair to a homeless shelter downtown. YES! I said to the offer. I was in need of some serious perspective checking.
I just got back, and I can tell you, the color of your placemats seem a lot less important after you've served someone their first meal of the week. Thank you Lord for the reminder! I am blessed beyond belief!

Count your blessings this Thanksgiving too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

~Blessed CubBuster