Remembering Day

I know that Memorial Day signifies different emotions for different people. Some see it as a sweet reminder of those who have given their lives in battle. Others focus on the start of summer and smell of barbecue and long weekends. Still, many people no doubt have a palpable taste of loss and mourning the brothers who died alongside of them. I do not personally feel that true sense of mourning on Memorial Day, but that doesn't mean I do not appreciate those men and women who lay down their lives for my freedom and justice. I just can't empathize and appreciate the day as it deserves. But we all have an area of life that we can appreciate more thoroughly than others.
In watching my baby Ro Ro grow, I have a deep understanding and thanksgiving for his natural ability to develop.
Fun fact: all three of my children have been on feeding tubes at the beginning of their lives. However, sandwiched in between my natural developers grows a sweet boy that still holds a hole in his belly for emergency purposes. He has required the aid of many great people to develop properly, and I do not know at what point those persons will be a distant memory. Thus, my appreciation for infant milestones is a bit more accurate than others. This doesn't mean I should fault those who take such easy growth for granted because I would hate for my fellow soldiers to hold a grudge against my lack of understanding Memorial Day's significance. Instead, we should always maintain our unique appreciations no matter how many years pass.
Maybe you appreciate your health more than others because of a chronic illness. Maybe it is a better understanding of financial stability because you grew up in extreme poverty. Or maybe it is an appreciation of every little American invention because you reside most of the year in a country without electricity. Whatever it is, big or small, don't judge others for not recognizing something properly. Be grateful you have that uniquely wonderful perspective, and work to hold on to it, as well as learn to appreciate new aspects of life that may not hit close to your home.

We cannot thank our soldiers enough who fight the good fight in this broken world.

I think Roman's quick development is helping little Levi work harder because he doesn't want to be surpassed by his baby bro. Levi's doing amazing with eating solids. We just have to pace him a little better or he'll stuff his mouth full and have no room to chew.

We had a great visit with the hand specialist doctor last Friday. Levi got both hands x-rayed and all normal growth plates, bones, and joints are evident. His flexibility in his right hand looks good, which is what we watch for now. During growth spurts, there is a chance he could stiffen his hand, but hopefully that will resolve itself or never happen. At this point we just have to continue with therapy. Only the future will tell whether he needs any surgeries in that right hand or not.

Please pray for our nutrition appointment next week. His weight-gain is key at this point in whether or not we have a foreseeable g-tube extraction date. We'll get input from our nutritionist next week, and then see our GI doc two weeks later.
Lastly, we will see Levi's orthopedic doctor in July to determine how much longer he has to wear leg braces at night. We are hoping to be done with those metal shoes soon because Levi is starting to hate them. Plus it makes for difficult bed-sharing during travel. You could wake up with a huge bruise the way Levi flings his legs around at night!

Thank you for all your love and prayers, and thank you again to all our soldiers!

God bless you!
~Memorial Buster