Never say never

It is as easy to use a label maker on objects as it is people. Defined boxes, outstanding balances, or situations that have remained unchanged for decades tend to give off a stench of impossibility. Too often parents and grandparents wonder if we are "scarring" our little ones or if the window of opportunity for long term influence closes after a certain number of years. I can safely say, never say never. I've seen in my own life how people change, relationships change, and circumstances radically change. Recently a wise woman at our church said she prays that she'll never be a "stumbling block" to her grown children. She went on to explain that it may take a terrible situation, a seemingly obvious disaster, or even an immoral experience that brings her sweet offspring to know Jesus. By trying to intervene as loving family members when it seems appropriate can actually hinder the great story God is doing through their lives. Its not up to us to define parameters around each other's stories, nor should we hold people to labels or boxes we ourselves have created.

I'm thrilled to see the barriers that Levi is breaking in his little miraculous life. He has had a great week of doctors appointments, so thank you for those who prayed for him! His feet, albeit small, are getting more stable, and he only has to wear his leg braces at night now! We finally found some shoes with a sole for his size 2 feet (3-6 month old shoes). Thank you Keds!
His appetite is back now that he's been healthy for a week. Sometimes he can even clean his "canal" (the tight groove at the roof of his palate caused by breathing tubes at birth) a little on his own or at least not choke when he mashes food in it (that's when we have the standby toothbrush to clean it for him. He has swallowed pieces of turkey, salmon, and bread without gagging! Also, he's off of baby formula (except the additive to his purred food), and consumes only high-calorie Pediasure via his G-tube for weight-gain. His communicative "babbling" has increased these days too. Healthy Levi is drastically different from sickly Levi, and we are so very thankful to watch him improve so much this week!

A little hand therapy homework- the pincher!

Boy loves to eat!

Show off those old man Keds dude

The only masculine color was clean white!

Had a sweet visit from Gibby this weekend too! We love you!

Some overdue Christmas pics

Thanks Miss Katie for these sweet memories!

I was getting ready for the day when these hooligans came into my room! 

Love me some hooligans

Just another day with my three sons and my delicious three cups of coffee.
~NeverEver Buster