Every year, every day

Every day offers hope- if you know the Spirit that brings new mercies, no hope, and newness of life every single morning. You don't have to wait for a new calendar year to "start fresh" or to have renewed hope if that same Spirit resides in you. While it's a nice marker of time, and I believe God ordained the essence of time by setting boundaries for the sun and moon, boundaries for work and rest, and boundaries for our good conduct, we do not have to wait for January to have hope. 
Every night their can be hope that you will enjoy a long night of sleep, but if it doesn't come, every morning brings hope of unexpected joys and smiles yet seen. Every doctor's appointment can offer hope of progress, or in some cases, hope of regression. Every person can afford hope of a new relationship ordained by God. Every hardship brings hope of new depth of soul and new closeness to your Creator. Every child shines hope of innocence and truth. Everything can feel hopeful if you know the One that is hope, faith, and love.

I am hopeful that Levi will continue to grow and change in his perfect timing. He has a busy week of appointments- orthopedic (checking his feet and walking), nutrition (checking weight and growth progress), and the usual physical, occupational, and speech therapy.  While we couldn't be more thrilled with him walking everywhere, he is sort of a little wrecking ball! His two busted lips and multiple bruises have not slowed him down. He laughs and shows pride in trying to keep up with his brother. But because his muscle-tone is still a bit weak, he loses balance a lot and doesn't always brace his falls correctly. Also, we all passed around a nasty cold over New Years, which means Levi has already lost a little weight from trying to throw up his mucus again. He's had drainage and blockage in his ears which can also affect his hearing and balance, so we'll see his pediatrician this week too. He is still making great strides every week, but when doctors only focus on charts and markers, it can feel as if they are trying to steal our new-walking joy. 

But I will rest in the Hope that God gives me each morning when I wake. Here's to a New Year of hope!

Ro Ro is smiling so much more! I forgot how quickly they change since sweet Levi has let time slow down a bit. 

NYE 2017- with head colds and rain, the garage was the perfect place for some sparkler fun!

And who knew how fun it could be to count down at 7 pm. 

Someone didn't want to stop walking laps to play with sparklers

But we convinced him it was worth the family memory!
~Hopeful Buster