Thankful doesn't cut it

You know those moments when thank you or gratitude does not seem to capture the essence of your heart. The words seem trite compared to the indescribable fullness that your cup of life contains. You are overflowing with true appreciation, but there aren't any words besides thank you, thankful, or thanksgiving readily available. Well, I feel as though I have more to be thankful for this year than most. We've had our share of familial setbacks and uncertainties lately, but to have all three of our children home, free of a hospital setting, and continuing to grow is a gift beyond words. Not to mention we maintain blessings others never enjoy, such as shelter, warmth, full bellies, and all our daily needs met. It gives me a saddened heart for those sitting in hospital beds this year, or those lost in the cold, those bitter with rage or disillusioned with society, or those simply apathetic and alone. May we reach out in love to everyone we encounter this season. Instead of our shortcomings, our judgements, our comparisons, or our self-righteous advice, may we see the goodness that abounds with plenty wherever we look.

My three turkeys (along with my main man) made my thanksgiving what it was- beautiful.

Love that this boy loves to bake with his mama! (I'm sure the chocolate helps!)

He may not be able to swallow all the components, but liquid chocolate goes down easy! Praying you can eat it all next year bubba!

This boy is proving to be an easy Smith baby! What a gift!

I think they are learning a good habit from mommy and daddy: it's always coffee time.

The Smith family new baby tradition- cardboard rocketship!

Both big boys have been so sweet to new baby Ro Bo.

A solo park trip with three little boys empowered me to take on the world!

Roman's first Thanksgiving was a success!

He wasn't phased by the loud balloon-popping tradition.

Who can find their thankful notes inside!?

Such a reason to give thanks!

Thank you Lord for a sweet Thanksgiving!

~Thankful Buster