Wish un-granted

Well as they say, be careful what you wish for... shortly after the last post, things have seem to unravel here at the Smith house, and as I hope things weren't too "normal," that wish was granted. It has felt eerily like we are living back three months ago. Not only has it been unseasonably hot (which makes my autumn heart melt), but Levi is now throwing up most of his meals throughout the day. Both my boys contacted the usual fall head cold. The difference between the two of them ten days into the cold is that Silas coughs normally to clear his throat, while the extra mucus that makes Levi coughs triggers his gag reflex. Some of this is completely mental as we seek to distract him by all means necessary. However, nine times out of ten, the battle is lost because he has learned that throwing up will solve any blockage issue. Unfortunately, as we've seen before, now Levi doesn't want to eat as much, and he seems to have much less energy than normal. My mommy heart is sad, but I also know that we will face many, many battles in our lives with each of our children. A parent's heart is heavy for many harder issues, so I trust that this is simply a bump in our road that I can't let spiral my thoughts out of control. "Taking my thoughts captive" is exactly what I'm trying to teach Levi right now. While maybe a little young for the life lesson, he understands almost everything we say to him, so I know he is getting lost in a mental web of how to refrain from losing his lunch. His mental comprehension is remarkable considering his physical abilities, and his fight for life is encouraging to everyone.
Please pray that little Levi will get past this bump and start holding down his meals again. Sweet boy really can't afford to lose any weight right now.
Also, thank you so much for praying for our third baby boy! I cannot believe I've made it to week 31 already. What a blessing that most of my discomfort is completely "normal;" a normalcy I will gladly welcome in my life these days! We are scheduled to meet this little nugget on veteran's day, November 11 (crazy to actually have a day set). I hope the baby keeps cooking until 11/11, but I am so thankful to have made it this far! I know God's timing is always perfect.

Thank you so much for continued prayers for our Smith clan. We wouldn't make it without them!

While I try to limit all screen time significantly in our household, they are a great distraction for gagging, so I'll take that all day long! Thank you iPhone camera!

~Normal Buster