Labor on Labor Day

I heard a radio contest last weekend for any woman who went into labor on Labor Day. I can tell you, from personal experience, the money they were giving out would not have covered the NICU bill that I would have received had I actually gone into labor. We did have a little scare with baby boy 3 last week though, but thankfully it's just the pains of carrying a third child in half a uterus. :)
I've practically given up any physical labor on my own part in hopes of cooking this cookie for at least two more months, but when you have a little one that can't walk yet, it makes resting nearly impossible. At least voluntarily giving up laboring has kept me off of bed rest and enjoying every possible second with our family of four while it lasts. When I feel those aches and pains, I praise God that I can have another baby. What a gift the past couple of weeks have been for us!  Bring it on third trimester! These boys make me tough- bring it!

I love how much my boys love music! Great hand therapy for Levi too!

Silas wants to be a train conductor for Halloween, so when his daddy found an awesome train museum in Duluth, we couldn't resist. I see many trips to this cool Southeastern Railway Museum in our future of boys.

The ole mail car!

It really was a great history museum. I think I loved it just as much as the boys!

Love their opposite personalities!

Happy Labor Day!

Love visiting the lake and how well these boys sleep there!

Thanks for a great weekend Dee Dee and T Pop!

Levi went back to the nutritionist today. He gained a few ounces since our last visit, so still hovering around 17 and a half pounds, but thankful he's doing well. We are going to try to increase calories a bit, and possibly double up on feeding therapy, but no other big changes. He will see the hand doctor on Friday to re-evaluate if we need to do anything at this point, but so far all he's said is that he's still too little for any serious therapy. Thank you for always checking on our little Levi. We love you all and can't wait to see what our upcoming favorite season holds.

~Laboring Buster