A fun week!

Sometimes the longer you wait for something, the better it seems. Levi finally waved! After an accidental drawer close on his hand, the light bulb triggered this newfound skill.
I think Levi might be naturally right-handed, which has ultimately delayed his left hand (strong hand) from catching on to in developmental milestones. Either way, I don't think I've ever been so excited! I think even Baby boy 3 was doing some clapping for his big brother in the womb!

Some other family fun this week when we don't have as many doc appointments...

Check me out on my brother's bike ladies!

Oh man..... this big bro won't ever leave me alone! He's ruining my cool.

Since our bath paint isn't exactly edible, Levi loved the yogurt/whipped cream bath!

And Silas did too of course!
~Coffee CubBuster