time change?

Who needs to adjust to a three hour time change when you are only going to be there three days? You basically have to change an hour a day and then start all over when you get home. But when you wake up every morning around 4 am, it makes for a long and tiring day. Yet, it was all worth it to visit my family in San Diego. The joy Silas brought my grandmother who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's will always be etched in my memory. There's nothing like the playfulness of a child to make you forget your memory is lapsing. Kids don't know the difference, so it helps break down those self-conscious barriers we all naturally form when we are told we have an illness we can't control. Kids don't judge us as harshly as we judge ourselves. It's an unappreciated gift.

Silas has already been to California, but each trip is a first for him. That's a joy I wish we all possessed!
This was the first plane ride where Silas was actually distracted by the iPad (even though nothing worked on it but our free boring apps).
A great-grandmother's adoration for watching the next generation grow.
A grandfather's adoration for introducing the art of speed.
We love you San Diego family. We wish we could visit more, but we thank you for living in such a beautiful place and opening your hearts and lives to us thousands of miles away! Jaj, you will always be with us in our hearts and prayers!

~SanDiego Buster