humbled at just the right moment

It always amazes me that I pride myself on having such a great memory, yet I have to learn some of life's greatest lessons over and over again. (It just goes to show how much we need guidance and wisdom in this world.) Too often my mind travels to a place of pride whether it be of my gifts or my circumstances, and I begin to pat myself on the back as if I accomplished such things with my own strength.
Recently Matthew and I were simply discussing the joy of watching the beauty and pure love pour out of our son. We couldn't believe what an amazing little boy he was and how often he was obedient, joy-filled, and sympathetic towards others. I mean what almost two year-old could be as wonderful as our Silas (which we never said out loud, but I'm sure we both thought it)? While this moment of parental pride may seem harmless and even "normal" in our society, I know that my mind went to a place of pride because I was immediately humbled the days following this conversation.

Silas had shown small doses of the "toddler phase" as he has tested the water on previous occasions, but never for as long or as consistent as he has of late. Instead of his usual greetings and gratitude towards strangers and loved-ones, Silas has been "swatting" people away and grunting his new favorite word: "NO!"  Not only has his attitude been less cheerful, but he just seems to have a more selfish heart as he's tried the innocent art of lying and taking from others.

Such behavior is not without expectation, but it quickly brought my heart sadness and my occupation embarrassment. However, the recent days have also brought me yearning for God's wisdom. I recognize how little I know about parenting, and how much I need to be on my knees praying for my children daily. There is nothing I can do to save my kids, nor can I implement a perfect plan for the perfect offspring. But I can humble myself before the Lord and remember that each day brings new and different experiences, all of which I can grow me closer to God and hopefully portray humility to my own little man. No matter where we are, life can change in an instant. Nothing is certain except the love of our Lord.