A new decade

Did you know that there are many famous people who didn't start their life's greatest work until there 30s? Julia Child didn't really start cooking until she was 36. J. K. Rowling was 32 when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was published. Jesus was 33 when he started his fruitful ministry. And Vera Wang didn't start developing wedding dresses until she was 40!  These fun tidbits really helped my perspective as I entered into this new well-respected decade. I'm pretty pumped about being 30, and not only did I feel loved by so many, my husband made me feel extra special by surprising me with some of my favorite things: a cabin in North Carolina during the start of the fall season with a built in spa day and fabulous home-made dinner. I felt like a queen!

One of my favorite things is watching how similar my boys look. This is their "Curious George" relaxation face.

Had a special moment with Si-man when we watched the sunrise over the NC mountains.

The weather was perfect! How could you not love fall!?!

These boys make me so happy.

We had a great, albeit chilly, hike to flat rock in Highlands.

We got to walk behind this waterfall! So cool!

Little misty though!

This one we got to drive under!

Our view from the Cabin before the sun set.

This was the most amazing experience. I think it's worth the drive to go back here instead of any other spa in my area! Love it!

I told Silas it was my birthday and we needed a pic. This was his response!

We are still working on closing that mouth for kisses though. :)

God's creation screams of His goodness. Thank you Lord for blessing me with 30 years of your love! I can't wait to see what else is in store for the beautiful life you've given me!