When you smile...

The whole world smiles! This was his very first "conscious smile"
Who says you can't dress up little boys for fun too? Silas enjoyed sleeping at the lake instead of fishing or swimming. Anyone surprised?
Our newest pastime consists of singing to Silas until he shows us his new array of smiles. Matthew discovered this newest ability when he began singing a classical ballad... I won't embarrass him by naming the lyrics.
It doesn't matter how tired you are, this will make everything better!
I mean come on. Are you still having a bad day?
Did that make it better yet!?
Had my  first few outing without the little man to go to coffee, dance, and this beautiful woman's wedding shower. Love you Christi!
Thanks to my old roomie for some over-sized coffee mugs to start my day right. A cup of joe and the Word make life worth living.
This is his favorite gesture.  I think he's solving the world's problems. That a boy Silas. I knew you'd come up with a solution to global warming.


  1. Silas, you are such a handsome & sweet boy! I thank God for sending you into my life! You make me laugh!



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