I introduced the newest member of our family a while back... not Silas, but Brevy. I'm thankful that I have longer morning while Silas is napping to warm up Brevy steam some much needed caffeine. If you've ever wondered why Europeans can drink lattes and cappuccinos all day, it's because there is less caffeine in a shot of espresso than an American cup of coffee. Thus, I thank you Brevy that I can drink more of you now that I'm a mommy with segmented sleep patterns!

Now on to our other beloved family member...  Happy one-month old birthday Silas!  I can't believe you are growing so quickly! 

The Moby is perfect for toting Silas to the movie theater. He sleeps like a baby on mommy.
After Silas lost his little cord, it was time for a real bath experience. He was a bit uncertain at first, but quickly learned to love the spa life.
"Tummy Time" is our favorite. It's fun to watch his neck strengthen and his curiosity grow.
When relaxed, you can really see how long Silas is. We think he'll be tall like his dad and mom! He's already quite a mover as you can see he kicked his way to the crib posts. I'm nervous about his soon-to-be crawling days!
I adore this pic. My heart melts at thinking about the bond these boys will always have together. Like father like son: feed me well, and I will always sleep well.

We love you baby boy!



  1. Happy one birthday Silas! You are so precious! You won't remember these days but we will! Hugs & kisses!




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