Veteran Parent Wannabe

This sweet woman and one of my best friends, Kyra, just had her third daughter (and we are the same age).  She is wise beyond her years, and I hope I can emulate some of her awesome parenting skills.
Remember this pic... it was taken just a month ago.
This was just taken last night. She has a three-week old, and she and her hubby were ready for a night out in downtown Atlanta already
The Karrs introduced us to a great new singer- Josh Garrels. Amazing voice! We enjoyed their "Mason Jar Music" movie and concert at "Center Stage Theater"
Matthew learned his own tricks from the veteran dad
Even though he looks happy, Livia could smell his fear
Thanks for a great night Reid and Kyra, y'all are true veterans
If you want a great steak salad dinner (better and cheaper than any steakhouse), get some flank steak, marinate with soy sauce and balsamic. Sear on a stove top grill pan. Add to mixed greens with toasted pine nuts, herb goat cheese, and sun dried tomatoes. Amazing!