As we approach the finish line of the third trimester, Matthew and I wanted to take some time to quiet our lives (before the loud crying begins) and remember where this whole journey began. We wouldn't have Baby Smith if it weren't for God's grace... on so many levels.... in our lives separately and also together. So we headed off to Athens for a little B&B and R&R, as well as some good treats!

Valentine's started with making my hubby some homemade donuts. I'm not really a donut-lover (I know it's like I'm not American), but I could make an exception for these!  They are really easy to make. Check out Paula Deen's recipe.

We stayed a sweet Bed and Breakfast called Ashford Manor in Watkinsville near Athens.
Our cottage was separate from the main house. We had our own kitchen and everything. It was so cute!
I can totally see the weddings that take place here. I loved the grounds, even in the dead of winter.
This was the exact place where Matthew and I exchanged vows and became husband and wife!
Of course we reenacted the run to the limo. Not quite the same when your 25 extra pounds and the freezing cold. But still fun.
It is an amazing memory. I loved our wedding day! (and yes the cubbuster has a coffee in-hand.)
It's amazing how many places have changed in downtown Athens since we were students. We still look like undergrad students right?
We usually wait until our anniversary to get our wedding cake, but who needs an excuse for cake?
That's the best part about being pregnant. Embrace the opportunity to eat for two and pack on the pounds. I'm just storing a little extra heat for winter that's all.
Nothing like being able to walk through those arches. Degree achieved. Superstition avoided.

 We can't wait to take our kids to UGA one day to show them where mom and dad first met!





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