Baby Cub!!!

Yep.... the world is going to have yet another Smith! Although this will be the first CubBuster kid. :)   Matthew and I are so excited to announce the expansion of our little family. Baby Smith should appear sometime during the first week of April! I am just grinning ear to ear!

The past three months have been completely new, nothing like we would have imagined. My palate has completely changed, my routine has completely changed, and my outlook on life has also been adjusted.  God is so good though, and we are thankful that our little one is growing strong. With a few "scares," we are thanking God every day for this baby, who continues to fight. 

The craziest thing is that I didn't enjoy coffee until recently! Well, Baby Smith didn't like it, but now I've found some great decafs, along with the occasional enjoyment of one cup of regular. Phew...

More to come on this new adventure, but here's to Baby Smith!



  1. Katie, I am so happy for you guys!!! That is amazing and exciting all at once! Congratulations to you both! I can't wait to hear how you're journey into motherhood is going!

  2. OH!!!! How wonderful!! I'm so so so happy for you!


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