Anything to win

Who knew that my husband would be such a natural at the "Wii - Get up and Dance" game. We had a great weekend filled with friends and food this weekend. Friday night was "speed gaming" at the church with the young marrieds group (an awesome rotation of every possible game-night favorite and then some) and there are no words for how my husband's competitive nature would enable him to get into the somewhat feminine dancing contest. Enjoy... (sorry honey).

 We also cheered on the Dawgs with some friends and tried not to scream during the frustrating first half because their precious  little girl was finally sleeping in the next room.
I ended the weekend with back to back baby showers on two opposite sides of town. The cute basketball bellies were bouncing and the convos have changed now from fashion and friends to diapers and drool. WOW.... I'm getting old.

~Caffeinated Cub