Bed without Breakfast

Matthew and I planned a romantic getaway this weekend at a bed and breakfast in Watkinsville. We stayed in on Valentine's Day knowing we had a special long weekend ahead of us. 
Sadly, poor Matthew got a stomach bug Friday night, so we ended up with the bed but no breakfast (unless you count the BRAT diet as a great breakfast- you know, bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. Is my mom the only one who drilled that into my head?). 
Thank the Lord, I have yet to contract the bug even though as a wife, there was no escape from the germs in our home. I am thankful that the illness seems to have passed and we still have a restful day off for President's day tomorrow. 

We did get to have a fun Thursday night V-day activity though. 
Matthew has a neat and intelligent, fun-fact about him: He has a secret love of classical music. When I first found this out several years ago, I thought it was a joke, but when I caught him listening to Rachmaninov's "Piano concerto no. 2", I felt my own sense of cultural expertise diminish.  I love this about him! Being his wife makes me feel smarter! :)
I surprised him Thursday with tickets to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. 
It was a great concert, but just a little tip from the CubBuster to you: drink some sort of coffee or espresso before entering a Symphony. There was a guy in the back row who started adding his own sinus bass music just ten minutes into the program!
His wife must have wanted the tickets for V-day!

I'm so thankful for my husband, and I'm happy he's feeling better already!


p.s. I love my new app: Instagram! I'm like a professional photographer over night! Thanks Chrissi!


  1. CCB,
    what an amazing treat to serendipitously have a date with you today and share some love at Starbucks. Thankful that your sweet Matthew is feeling better, and I know that other romantic "getaways" the Lord's time, baby!

    By the way, a certain someone also shares a love for classical music. I'll share some Rach or Bach anytime... :)

    Love you and peace to you this coming week!
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